Deb McGarvey

Director of Community Schools

Deb manages the partnerships with schools where we are the lead partner. She also supervises the Resource Coordinators and manages the community partnership budgets among other things. Deb has a Masters in Social Work but she also worked in Theatre for over 10 years as a actress, writer, and story teller. She joined SCORES because she was impressed by the focus on quality programming and how intentional the process is around program development. 

Introduce yourself through poetry:

Dance, Sing, Write, Read, Speak

Share your skills with youth today

Show what's possible.

Dean Lothian 

Master Coach/ Soccer Manager

Dean manages and supports all things soccer internally and externally at SCORES. Dean studied Broadcast Communications while playing college soccer, he would have majored in Soccerology if that was an option. Before SCORES Dean played semi-professional soccer in Jamaica.  He has been with SCORES for 10 years and still loves working with the coaches and students. 

Introduce yourself through poetry:

Love is being in soccer

at all levels soccer is beauty revealed

soccer and poetry is beauty. 

Kari Podany

Program Manager

Kari Podany is the Program Manager at America SCORES Chicago. Kari started with America SCORES as a writing coach in 2010 after graduating from Indiana University. After a year as an Art Teacher in Chicago Public Schools, Kari realized she preferred working with youth in the After School setting. She then started working with America SCORES through Coach Across America, coaching Middle School girls in soccer and writing because soccer and creative expression are two of her greatest passions. Once her term at Coach Across America ended, she was offered a full time position on staff! In her free time, Kari enjoys playing soccer, being crafty, and traveling! 

Brian Fisher

Development Associate and Program Coordinator

Brain does development work during the day and plays soccer with the kids in the afternoon. In school he studied Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management. Brian has gained evaluation and program experience while working in South Africa. He has worked at Northern Trust where he learned about corporate culture and the importance of following your heart. Brian's is very proud of the fact that he played soccer and graduated Phi Beta Kappa at John Hopkins University. 

Clarese Dixon

Resource Coordinator at James Weldon Johnson School of Excellence

Clarese studied Positive Youth Development at DePaul University which sets up perfectly for speaking on the needs of youth and planning programs that support their development. Clarese has years of personal and professional experience with inner city youth development that she uses to support programming and staff at Johnson. 

"Plan your work and work your plan. those who fail to plan; plan to fail"

Aisha Williams

Resource Coordinator at Charles Evans Hughes Elementary

Clarese studied social sciences while in college because she wanted to discover connects. As a resource coordinator this experience helps her manage the diverse needs of the students and staff that the works with. Her goal is provide everyone she encounters the resources they need to be successful. Aisha has over 14 years of experience with organizations working with "high need" youth. 

"Every time you find humor in a difficult situation you win!

Stacey Fredrick

Resource Coordinator at Pilsen Academy

Stacey is currently studying social work at UIC Chicago while working at SCORES. She works in a predominately immigrant community where she helps provide resource because she wants to reduce inequalities by increasing access to information. Stacey's initial interest in school came from the logo, after learning more about the organization she jumped on board because SCORES builds community on multiple levels. 

Introduce yourself through poetry:

Veggies are my friend

Only happy in the sun

Let's hang and have fun

Mario Ozuna

Recess Coordinator/ Soccer Coach/ Multi-site Assistant Coordinator 

Mario studied education because he wanted to help young people. America SCORES allow him to combine is desire to help young people with his love of soccer. He loves his role at SCORES because it allows him to be a mentor. 

Introduce yourself through poetry:

I like to play sports.

If you need a hand, I'll help.

I will never give up.

Nicole Fisch

Coach Across America Soccer Coach

Nichole studied Molecular Biology because she loves science. Before SCORES she worked in Emergency Medicine as an EMT. She loves her position with SCORES because she gets be an active and and direct service to the community. 

"Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss