SCORES students meet soccer SUPERSTARS

This past Wednesday, July 31, 2015, seven lucky America SCORES Chicago kids from Castellanos, Johnson and Pilsen were invited to be part of the great Manchester United vs. Paris Saint German International Champions Cup Tournament match as opening ceremony escorts for the players! These lucky kids were provided with not just their very own official team kit, but with a chance of a lifetime, to mingle with some of futbol’s international superstars and boy did they love it! I honestly do not know who was more excited about this awesome opportunity, the kids, the parents or us, their coaches, but I do know this, seeing them smiling, talking, laughing, waving to the fans with one hand while holding onto their player with the other as they were paraded onto the pitch is a priceless moment that I’ll treasure in my heart forever! I must tip my hat to these international superstars because I saw them doing everything they could to make our kids feel at ease, allowing them to really enjoy this moment of a lifetime!

I saw PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic smiling, laughing as he walked with our Emily Torres from Pilsen! Marco Varatti also from PSG was paired up with a Pilsen boy but that didn’t stop him from talking it up with our third grader, as was M.U.’s Juan Mata with our very own, first grader Ceci Sandoval! Ceci couldn’t stop talking about her two minutes of fame all night. Third grader Dida Bravo from Cardenas, representing Castellanos, is a big Ibra fan and though he wasn’t paired with him, first thing he shared with his dad & me was that Ibra had winked at him! He was wide-eyed and grinning from ear to ear as he excitedly told us his story! "I called out his name and he looked and winked at me!"

Ibra and PSG, I went to the match not being a fan, but after seeing the way you catered to the kids, the fans, you now have one more! Rooney & M.U., win or lose I will always love you guys!!! Thank you Manchester United & Paris Saint-Germain for providing America SCORES Chicago with this opportunity for our kids, thus showing them that dreams can come true! 

- Coach Ernie Alvarez




Thanks to Coach Ernie for all of his hard-work and dedication to SCORES and most importantly to the SCORES students.