Deserving SCORES Stars Excel at Soccer Summer Camp

Over the summer break, a few of our well deserving poet-athletes were invited to the 2015 UIC Soccer Camp*. While at the camp they were able to improve upon their skills and receive top class training from some of Chicago's best soccer coaches. Sean Phillips, the UIC men's soccer coach , has been a huge SCORES advocate over the years and he continued to show his passion for our organization by accepting two of our students into his summer camp. The students were treated to top class coaching and picked up some valuable lessons along the way.

Making this camp possible to our poet-athletes was Mary Jennings Sports Camp Scholarships. Theses scholarships are highly selective and our students exemplified the kind of student athletes that the scholarships searches for. Thank you to The Playing for Power Project* for making this a possibility! 

At the end of the camp, our poet-athletes felt inclined to send a thank you note to both the people that organized the camp and those that made the opportunity available to them. Take a look at the thank you notes yourself...

Dear Mary Jennings Scholarship, Playing for Power, UIC Soccer Camps


Thank you for letting me go to the UIC camps I liked going there because I got to learn other ways of using communication. I got to improve my soccer skills like passing the ball and working in teams. I also got to meet new people. They were nice to me and I was nice to them. The coaches were nice to me and I really enjoyed the week I was there and would love to go back next year. Thank you for giving me the chance of participating in this soccer camp. I really liked playing and learning with the people at the camp.




Dear Mary Jennings Scholarship, Playing for Power and UIC Soccer Camps,

Thank you so much for paying for this opportunity for me to go to UIC soccer camp. It was wonderful! I enjoyed it very much. It was very fun and I got to learn new things there. The coaches were very nice. There were some new people I got to meet which was amazing. I had lots of fun.

My group was filled with a lot of boys which challenged me and I got to see myself do things that I never knew I can do and I improved my goal keeper skills, other than that I improved my confidence with playing with new people. The groups were separated by age and each group would play a couple of games and then snack time and the people that were half day would leave. Then we would have trivia or you could play awhile then we would play a game with all groups. After that we would go back to our group and play a game of scrimmage together. It was an awesome camp!

There weren’t many girls but other than that I had a lot of fun playing with the guys and hopefully I can come back next year!

Thanks again,


Melany and Yaritzy

Just to echo the words of these brilliant young ladies, THANKS to everyone that made this opportunity possible. You are making a difference and helping the youth of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Well done!