Another Game Day Volunteer Testimonial

After last weeks blog post about Game Day and the inclusion of a Game Day volunteer testimonial, I thought it would be nice to share some more Game Day volunteer insight. 

Here is what one of our repeat Game Day volunteers had to say about his experience at Game Day...

I first heard about America SCORES at the Red Carpet Poetry Slam in February. I really liked the idea and decided to sign up as volunteer for the Game Days. My expectations weren't really going beyond anything other than playing soccer with kids, but I had never refereed or coached kids this young. I ended up as a referee for 4 matches, and really enjoyed seeing them play as well as being able to meet some of the kid's families and teachers. The one thing that struck me the most, coming from a corporate world, was that you need quite a different skill set to convince an 8 year-old to drop the ball than you do to convince your boss that you need a budget for a project. So I had a great time, and ended up with a lesson or two in leadership.

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