Improving Literacy Skills and Habits.

Soccer and Poetry is an unlikely combination, sure but it is also a combination that gets results. There is a rhythm to both that can move a student in the right direction. Soccer at SCORES transcends winning games and picking sides. Soccer is about fundamentals, infusing TLC into life. Teamwork. Leadership. Commitment. Values shared on and off the field. Poetry is self-expression, external evaluation freed from the bonds of paragraphs. For students on the West Side of Chicago pen placed on paper reveals the struggles and triumphs of young minds.  Check out some of the student poetry here. Please take the time to discover how poetry encourages students to explore themselves and the world around them. Writing, rewriting, and asking questions along the way. While doing so remember these numbers. 

Improve Participants' Literacy Skills and Habits:

 64% of participants improved their reading grades from start to end of school year.

Based on teacher surveys, participants in SCORES programming improved their rate of homework completion (57%), classroom participation (70%), and academic performance (73%).

SCORES participants scored 14.15% higher on their ISAT (Illinois Standards Achievement Test) standardized reading test than their peers. 

Changing lives is the goal of our work. We hope you will join us along the way. Check out our calendar to see what events we have coming up. Thanks for dropping by.